Family Service Society of Yonkers and JCY-Westchester Community Partners Join Forces

Yonkers, New York – January 24, 2013 –

Family Service Society of Yonkers (FSSY) and JCY-Westchester Community Partners (JCY-WCP) have announced the merger of their respective Yonkers-based nonprofit organizations. Building upon wide community support, FSSY and JCY-WCP are joining forces to expand their programs and serve an increased number of individuals and families throughout Westchester County. JCY-Westchester Community Partners will become a major division of FSSY.

“JCY-Westchester Community Partners, Westchester County’s leader in intergenerational literacy volunteer programming, and Family Service Society of Yonkers, a major provider of a range of human services, including home health care and diverse family supports, are coming together to build on the synergistic effect of their organizational strengths,” announced Stanton C. Selbst, Board President of JCY-Westchester Community Partners.

“Our two organizations, having complementary missions and having worked together for many years, believe that this important step will result in the increased impact of our respective programs, as well as in greater administrative efficiencies, among other advantages,” added Thomas J. McSpedon, Board President of Family Service Society of Yonkers.

“Every program currently offered by our two organizations will continue,” affirmed Seth Berman, Executive Director of FSSY. “In fact, it is anticipated that additional programming will be created as new opportunities and sources of support are identified.”

According to Janice Lubin Kirschner, Executive Director of JCY-WCP, each organization will retain its identity and programmatic leadership in their respective areas of focus, while combining their operations. JCY-WCP’s Holocaust Remembrance and other Jewish programs will continue as they have in years past. Importantly, JCY-WCP will remain the contact point for the Yonkers’ Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Jewish Affairs.

“Because our goal in joining forces is to strengthen existing programs and establish new initiatives, there will be no reduction in staffing,” stated Berman. “Furthermore, the Board of JCY-Westchester Community Partners will continue to provide oversight of programs and fundraising activities on an advisory basis. Two members of their Board will also become full voting members of the FSSY Board.”

“We’re very encouraged by the way community leaders and those who are providing financial support to our two organizations have responded to our decision to join forces,” said Lubin Kirschner. “They have been critically important partners in each organization’s success to this point, and we look forward to strengthening these relationships as the new structural arrangement is implemented.”

The staff of JCY-WCP will relocate to 30 South Broadway in Yonkers, the site of FSSY’s administrative offices, in the near future.

About JCY-Westchester Community Partners
JCY-Westchester Community Partners, which was founded in 1919, currently works to enhance the educational experience of children in Westchester County through effective learning initiatives and the engagement of volunteer mentors.

About Family Service Society of Yonkers
Family Service Society of Yonkers has served Westchester County for 130 years. Its mission is to be the premier provider of human services through a range of programs focusing on home health care, diverse family supports, guardianship and advocacy for individuals and families, which will enhance their quality of life.